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In order to login, you need to have cookies enabled on your computer (yes, funny name). There are several things that may cause cookies to fail. Check the following:

1. Check to see if you have cookies enabled. Try the Cookie Tester.

2. Change your internet caching settings:

  • Clear your temporary internet files and cookies. You do this by going to "Tools" => "Options" on your browser.
  • In the same place, change the "Settings" for temporary internet files to "Every visit to the page"

  • 3. Adjust your firewall settings (Windows Firewall, CA Personal Firewall, etc) so that cookies are allowed for the site. You might temporarily turn the firewall off to test if it is the culprit.

  • To configure Windows Firewall, go to Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall
  • To configure CA Personal Firewall, add the site name (e.g. "") to the site's management portion of the firewall

  • 4. Try testing with a different browser (we recommend Firefox: Launch the browser and try to login. If it works in one browser, but not another, please let us know so we can investigate. If it fails in both browsers, most likely your firewall is blocking the cookies.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Using the Site

    • How the heck do I shrink my pictures!?
    • Use our handy-dandy shrink tutorial written for normal folk.
    • How does everyone have so much stuff to sell!?
    • Here's an experiment: walk around your house. You'll be amazed at what you find. And even more amazed when people buy it!
    • Can I sell my stuff on Fort Lee bookoo?
    • Absolutely! Get started now! You either need to provide your email and zip, or create an account.
    • Can I post a live sale on Fort Lee bookoo?
    • Yes! And it's completely free. Though we thoroughly believe in the power of the internet, we fully support the old-fashioned way (and we participate it in ourselves!). Just create an account and you will then be able to post your sale! We'll even give everyone a map right to your house.

      And remember, if you don't sell everything you wanted to, come back and post your items here!
    • Does it cost anything to buy or sell on bookoo?
    • Nope. You can list for free! If you want more pictures, bold titles, longer descriptions, and other cool features, sign up for a Unlimited account. If you are a world-renowned penny pincher, you can list items for free. You don't get any pictures, bold titles, long descriptions, etc., but you DO get your items listed. We obviously recommend a Premiere account. You have a greater chance of selling your items with the aforementioned features (and the money helps us keep the site running smoothly).
    • Can I contribute a catchy quote?
    • Yes. Send us your idea and if we deem it worthy, we'll not only incorporate it into the site, but we'll notify you about it.
    • Am I committed once I contact the seller?
    • No. You are encouraged to contact the seller through the site, but that does not commit you to anything, by any means. It's just like a live sale: just because you ask for more information about the item doesn't commit you to anything. Unless you have a guilty conscience or are overly nice.
    • What if I don't live near Fort Lee?
    • We'd love to have you live closer. You are still free to buy and sell as you please, but it may make it more inconvenient for sellers/buyers, making the exchange less likely. Like a live sale. We have lots of requests to launch bookoo in other communities. And you can be a part of it. Sign the petition for more information.
    • Can retailers sell stuff on Fort Lee bookoo?
    • We've created certain paid categories for retailers to post their stuff in. Please only post in the appropriate categories.
    • Can I advertise on Fort Lee bookoo?
    • Another great question! Fort Lee bookoo drives more traffic than any other local Fort Lee website. You will not find a better place to advertise your local business. Honestly.

      If you are interested, please contact us.
    • How the heck do I use Fort Lee bookoo?
    • Relax. Visit our "How to" page.
    • I see a bunch of gobbledy gook. Looks like geek-speak. How do I fix it?
    • Try hitting "refresh" on your browser. Try keying "F5." If neither of those work, try clearing your cache (go to Tools -> Preferences or Tools -> Options).
    • What is "flagging"?
    • "Flagging" is community voting. Think of it like Fort Lee bookoo "Survivor", where those items flagged most are voted off the system. Occasionally we find people that find ways to abuse the system, and since we're all part of the Fort Lee bookoo community, the community votes on what you post. Prohibited? Excessive reposting? Not really an item? You're outta here! If an item is flagged a certain number of times (and we change that from time to time), then that item is removed automatically. Here are the types of flags:

      • Prohibited. Please review the list of prohibited listings
      • Overposting/Spam. For the seller that likes to keep their items on the front page.
      • Scam. For people running shady operations, often from out of state.
      • Wrong Category. For sellers that post their items in the wrong categories.

      In all this, remember that we're family, so be objective and judicious. We hope you'll remember the Golden Rule.

    • What is the "Money Tree"?
    • The Money Tree allows you to obsessively track how much money you have made on your online sale. It keeps track of all the items that you have marked as "SOLD" (don't delete them!), and calculates your earnings based on the price of your items. When you make your first million, please send us a postcard.
    • How long are my items listed for?
    • An item will disappear off the site:
      1. 60 days since the item was last edited
      2. 3 days after it is marked "sold."
      3. when flagged multiple times by other users
      4. if we deem it inappropriate for the site

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